Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Molly was so enjoying her Orange Creamie the other night that I ran for the camera. Unfortunately, before I got back she and the puppy had finished it already.

I love Creamies.
So do the kids.

Anyone have any ideas about getting chocolate Creamies out of clothing?
I've tried Spray and Wash and Oxy Clean. Still there.


Catey said...

We have some stuff called Stain Buddy, it's worked on everything we've used it on so far. Today I'm waiting to see if it takes the chocolate ice cream out of Alaina's (brand new) white shirt after it sat overnight. Ugh. If it works you are welcome to give it a shot!
My mom would swear by Biz and some time in the sun...

Angelo Bozza said...

Complimenti....bellissima bimba.