Monday, July 19, 2010

Days of 47 - Float Preview - Out and About in Utah

We spent our afternoon in the comfortably air conditioned Southe Town Expo Center previewing the floats for the Days of 47 Parade. The floats are spectacular. We met some of the creators and heard some of the fascinating stories behind the floats. It is fun to see the floats in the parade and on TV but it was really cool to see the details. A lot of volunteer work goes into creating the floats.
The Preview Party will continue tomorrow (Tuesday, July 20).

The Preview Party is FREE (love that).

There is also free face painting and balloon creations for the kids.

You can vote for your favorite float.

My favorite is the one with the moose from Emigration Canyon. Yes, I'm biased, but it really is cool. The one with the crickets is also seriously awesome.

I didn't take my camera but the girls posed for some pictures when we got home this evening. Too bad that Lilly had thrown a fit, cried and smeared her face paint.

Don't miss this fun way to spend the afternoon. My kids had a great time.


Rachel said...

We were there today too! It really is a great way to appreciate the floats: they buzz by so quickly during the parade and there is so much quirkiness and thought that you can miss.

PS: We also voted for the Emigration Canyon float (number 5!).

Jandi said...

That sounds like so much fun! Did they allow you to take photos of the floats (if you had remembered your camera, that is).