Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shutting Out the Stalkers

No, I'm not making this blog private.

After living in our home for three years we finally hung curtains in our dining room window today. Not only did I go shopping, make a decision and purchase curtains (thanks to the moral support of a dear friend who accompanied me), Utah Dad and I actually dusted off the tool box and hung the rod and curtains on the same day. If my dad is reading this, he probably just fainted. This is a bit of a miracle. Really. We are not known for finishing projects.

And so to all my neighbors who drive on the new road right behind my house and have been able to look right in my window, you will no longer be able to see me dancing in the kitchen. I will miss the honks and the waves from passers-by each evening as we sit down to dinner. Ahhh, privacy.

P.S. We finally hung Molly's picture on the wall with the other kids' pictures as well. She's almost ten months old now, so it was about time.


Kate Weber said...

I love days like this. It just feels like such an accomplished day when you can do something to make the space around you that much nicer. Congrats!

Kerri said...

They worked also. We checked as we drove by, also to see if you had hung them yet.