Saturday, January 9, 2010

Coats and Steamers

Neal woke up early this morning and complained of pain in his right ear. I told him that I'd take him to the InstaCare after the Primary activity this morning and he went back to bed. When I went to check on him later, I found him in his bed crying. He said his ear was extremely painful and asked me to take him to the InstaCare now.  Utah Dad agreed to take the other kids to the activity while we were gone.

On the way to the IntaCare (best invention ever), I took the opportunity in the car to lecture Neal about not wearing a coat. The temperatures have been well below zero in the morning when he goes to school and we are constantly fighting to get him to wear his coat. He usually takes it off as soon as he's out of the house. I told him the cold air wasn't good for his ear and probably exacerbated the infection.

We only had to wait a few minutes for the doctor this morning. He reminded me of a combination of my dad and my stake president. If you don't happen to know my dad or my stake president, just picture a good looking but slightly grizzled from too much time in the sun without sunscreen, clean-cut cowboy/farmer that gives it to you straight. This guy just happened to have the letters "MD" behind his name too.

He checked Neal's ears and sure enough he had a moderate infection in his right ear. While the doctor wrote a prescription for an antibiotic, I brought up the coat issue.

"Nah," the doctor said. "He doesn't need to wear a coat. His grandma might think so, but the cold won't hurt him. He's probably doesn't feel cold and if he is uncomfortable he'll put on his coat. I rarely wear a coat."

Neal gave me that look--that you-were-wrong-hahaha look and I knew right then that I will never be successful in getting him to wear his coat again.

On a lighter note, after the visit to the doctor Neal and I went to Walmart to get his prescription filled. While we waited we got some milk and diapers. Neal noticed that they had the Coconut Creme flavor of Coffee-mate and he begged me to buy it.

My sister introduced us to "Steamers" two winters ago and they have become a favorite in my house since then. Thomas calls it "hot milk" and asks for it on the cold mornings. It's just milk warmed up (I heat it up by the mug full in the microwave) with a tablespoon or so of the Coffee-mate added. (By the way, Coffee-mate does not contain coffee. If the word "coffee" bothers you, get the other brand--it's good too.) We've tried lots of flavors. Italian Sweet Creme with a dash of nutmeg and Belgian Chocolate Toffee have been our favorites.

Until Today.

Today we came home and we all tried the Coconut Creme flavor. Yum. The boys liked it plain. I added some Chocolate Nesquik to mine. It made me feel all toasty inside.

It's cold outside. Really cold. We still have months of winter ahead of us. And unlike some of my luckier neighbors, I don't have a trip to the warmer weather planned. The truth is depressing. But it gets a little more bearable with the thought that I can drink steamers in the mornings. And I, at least, will wear my coat.


Candice said...

Hello! I'm so glad you found my blog. Your pictures are AMAZING and your kids are adorable!

Kate Weber said...

Huh. I've never tried a 'steamer'. Sounds tasty. I'll have to look into it! Hope Neal's ear gets feeling better. Ear-aches are NO fun!

Booklogged said...

Guess we're going to have to try steamers. They sound good and just what the doctor ordered! A little joke thrown in. I had heard that coats don't make that much difference in catching a cold or ear infection. Sorry!

Ammon and Jen said...

I think that I would call that dr. a traitor! I too want to try a steamer. I just got back from the store with some coffeemate

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Steamed milk is yummy! I like it with vanilla syrup in it.

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