Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Should Have . . .

Yesterday, I should have dressed the children and done the laundry.

Instead, we stayed in our jammies and I tried to teach Molly how to sit up.
(After all, it's embarrassing that her cousin the same age is walking around the furniture and her five month old cousin is sitting up like a pro.)

Yesterday, I should have cleaned the house. I did have people coming over for book club in the evening.

Instead, I built a blanket fort with Thomas and Lilly.

Yesterday, I should have made a delicious treat to share with the Book Club.

Instead, I let Amberly and her best friend bake and decorate butter cookies when they got home from school. (Grandma gave Amberly an apron and a cookie cookbook for Christmas and she's been so anxious to use it. Amberly changed her apron before decorating the cookies because she didn't want to get her special one dirty.)

It was a really good day.


Kate Weber said...

Psh! It was a good day to put things off! You made family memories! That's better than getting required stuff done. :)

Jen said...

What cute pictures!!!! Oh my, the P.J.'s pictures are so adorable!

Kerri said...

I should have gone home at a reasonable hour after book club, but it is more fun to sit and visit with friends that you don't get the chance too. I can always sleep later:))