Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Park City - Out and About in Utah

The kids were out of school on Thursday and Friday last week so my husband (now known as Utah Dad) took some vacation from work too. My sister and her husband rented a condo in Park City, Utah for the week and they invited us to join them for a day. We drove up to Park City on Thursday morning and spent the afternoon with them exploring beautiful Main Street.

The weather was perfect--jacket weather for some and short-sleeve weather for others. We walked up and down Main Street exploring shops and art galleries. It was, by the way, a decidedly adult adventure. The kids enjoyed some of the galleries but mostly they whined about being bored and they begged to go on the Alpine Slide (I was being too cheap for that expensive thrill). I suppose being told not to touch things a hundred times could grate on the nerves of even the most patient little person. We did bribe them with yummy fudge and they really were pretty good about keeping their hands to themselves.

We found some cool places to take pictures of my sister's family and my willing children. We had intended to our family pictures as well but it had been a chaotic morning getting ready and I wasn't in the mood to pick out coordinating outfits or do fancy hair dos. Some day we will actually get a family picture taken.

After our walk, we returned to the condo where we made steak fajitas for dinner. My brother and his family joined us later. We made plans to build our own family lodge (dreams), learned how to play the European version of Ticket to Ride, watched Glenn Beck (man, he gets excited) and didn't get very much sleep even though the bed and pillows were really rather comfortable.

Park City, Utah really is a neat place to visit. Utah Dad and I are trying to figure out how we can escape there again sans children.

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