Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hogle Zoo - Out and About in Utah

Last Friday we joined Utah Dad's parents at Hogle Zoo. They buy a grandparent's pass each year and we enjoy going with them to the zoo quite frequently. It's a great deal. We haven't been since Hogle Zoo has welcomed its newest members. There are all kinds of new babies at the zoo.

A crowd had gathered around the elephant encounter in anticipation of viewing the new baby elephant. My older kids and their grandparents worked their way to the front. We waited for about five minutes before little Zuri and her mother came out. I never would have guessed that watching a baby elephant could be so much fun. Zuri ran around, rolled in the hay, splashed in the water and even slipped and fell right on her backside. The kids were delighted. From her vantage point on my shoulders, Lilly could see all the action and she laughed and laughed.

The baby giraffe was much more reserved than the little elephant. He stood near his parents, quietly looking around. We couldn't see that he has been named, so we called him "Melman" and my kids serenaded him with the song from "Madagascar 2". Fascinating creatures, giraffes.

There are baby tigers at the zoo too but I couldn't get a picture of them. Of course, I had to include another picture of my little Molly in her usual place in the Snugli with Utah Dad. She's so cute.

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