Friday, November 16, 2007

Sheets and Shoes

My six year old son threw up in his bed last night. This event is definitely one of the special joys for a mom. We seem to have had more than our share recently. This undesirable situation was made worse because the only twin size sheet that I could find at three in the morning was pink. My son completely freaked out at the prospect of sleeping on a pink sheet. It took me another ten minutes to calm him down and convince him that he could actually sleep for the rest of the night on a pink sheet. I'm not sure he was convinced. I think he gave up out of sheer exhaustion.

My son's tantrum about the sheet wasn't just because it was pink. (Although, what boy/man really wants to sleep on a pink sheet?) He was really upset because it was different. He's pretty particular about his bed. He's been sleeping with the same style of navy blue jersey sheet purchased only at JCPenney since he moved out of the crib and got a big boy bed. He found something that he liked--it was familiar--and he didn't want anyone to mess with it.

It's not exactly his fault. He comes by it honestly. Take his shoes, for example. When I bought him his first pair of shoes as a one year old, I got him a pair of blue/gray/orange Sketchers. They were comfortable, cute, versatile and they held up well to the messy play of a toddler. So, when he grew out of them, I bought him another pair in the next size. And when he grew out of those, I bought him another pair. A few years later, when the store informed me that that style was being discontinued, I bought three pairs in the next three sizes. (So glad to discover that they really didn't discontinue that style and my two year old son now wears the same ones.) Now, my son has out grown his shoes and it's time to go buy him new ones. He no longer fits into the little-boy shoe sizes. We're going to have to consider a different style. This makes me nervous. Because really, when you find a good thing, why change?

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