Thursday, April 13, 2017

This House I Love

Previously shared on Facebook in January 2017:

We moved in to our house over ten years ago. We only had three small kids. Neal was just starting kindergarten. It was a little house but it was just right for us. We planned to stay about two years. Then, the real estate market collapsed and we stayed because we had to. And then we stayed because we loved it. 
I love that the house is situated right on a turn in the road so I can watch my kids play in two directions. 
I love that it faces just the right direction to catch the sunlight and the snow melts off my yard very first. 

I love that it's a blue house in a tan neighborhood and every little kid wants to play at the "blue house".
I love the view from the back of my house. The sunsets are incredible. 
I love that the great horned owls taught their babies to fly off my roof. I love that at night I can hear the coyotes howl. I love that I can look out my bedroom window and regularly see eagles, pronghorns and jackrabbits.
I love that my kids only have to walk a block and a half to the elementary school and they don't even have to cross a street. It's so close that I don't even feel guilty making them walk home in a blizzard. And I love the elementary school. The principal and teachers and staff care so much about each kid. And the PTA is particularly amazing. 
I love that my neighbor drives my kid to high school every morning. And they always have random things like corn starch and beef bouillon when I run out. 
I love that my dad built shelves and shelves and shelves to hold my ever-growing, really ridiculous book collection. 
I love that Rand and I completed so many home improvement projects even though he hates doing them! I love the laminate flooring in all the bedrooms. It makes cleaning up vomit so much easier. 
I love that Rand got his MBA while we lived in this house and for years supported our family from his "office" in the corner of our bedroom. And that the ravens would "dive bomb" him in the window and fly away laughing. 
I love that we added two more babies to our family while we lived in this house. While they've grown up we've also watched so many adorable neighborhood babies grow into really great kids. 
I love that we grew tomatoes and corn and peppers and beans in our backyard garden. I love that because our house is little, our yard is big!
I love that for the majority of eight years, I hosted book club in this house every first Tuesday of the month and that all the neighborhood women were welcome to come and eat and laugh and visit nearly all night.
I love that I've made the very best friends anyone could ever ask for in this neighborhood. These friends would do anything for me and have bailed me out countless times. And I love them desperately. 

This little house that I love is for sale. **The house sold quickly and easily.

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