Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Shores of Tripoli - Book Review

Following the Revolutionary War and in the independence of the United States, the Tripoli is one of the first to recognize the new sovereign nation. They recognize the the bribes paid by the British to protect their ships from the pirates no longer cover the merchant ships from the US. The Barbary Pirates are pillaging the US merchant ships and the newly built-up navy is sent to put an end to it.

Bliven Putnam is a very young man when he enlists and first sees action against the pirates, but his boldness, loyalty and his sharp intelligence impress his commanders and he soon finds himself rising in the ranks. The Shores of Tripoli by James L. Haley brings life to the exciting story of Lieutenant Putnam and his adventures at sea.

The novel covers an absolutely fascinating time period and I enjoyed learning more about the history. Liven Putnam turns out to be a great character to follow. He's young and sees the war as an adventure but is also wise enough to be fearful for his own life. He offers fresh, not yet jaded eyes. He's curious about the North African enemy but also wary. He employs cunning stratagem to win the battles and is frustrated by the backroom politics. Over the years, Putnam matures and earns more commissions and responsibilities.

The writing in The Shores of Tripoli is solid and Haley excels at bringing the at-sea battles to life. There are times during the political discussions and wrangling between officers and ambassadors that it gets a little long winded. Overall, it was thrilling to read about a US Navy war hero on the sea and through the desert. I will definitely pick up the next books in this exciting series.

The Shores of Tripoli : Lieutenant Putnam and the Barbary Pirates by James L. Haley is published by Putnam and released on November 1, 2016.

**I received a complimentary copy of The Shores of Tripoli. No compensation was received. This review reflects my honest opinions.**

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