Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fractured - Book Review

After writing a best selling novel, Julie Prentice becomes the victim of stalking. Scared to death and wanting to find a peaceful place, Julie and her family move across the country to Cincinnati with the hopes of starting over. Their new house is in an adorable neighborhood filled with families who regularly get together at neighborhood parties and barbecues. But as hard as she tries, Julie is just not fitting in. She seems to get off on the wrong foot with everyone she meets. With the exception of John Dunbar from across the street. They make a connection the first time they meet and quickly become friends. Unfortunately, after several scary incidents, Julie is afraid that her stalker has discovered where she lives or someone in her new neighborhood has started to harass her. Either scenario, has Julie and her family frightened.

Fractured by Catherine McKenzie is compelling. She keeps the tension high and the plot moving along at a pace that I'd read a hundred pages before I even realizing it.  McKenzie accurately portrays the variety of personalities in a close-knit neighborhood and how if the self-proclaimed leader chooses not to accept you it can be nearly impossible to change the others' minds and ultimately "fit in". There are consequences and reactions even from the smallest choices and the slightest misunderstandings. McKenzie writes a fascinating psychological thriller.

The tension was building and I was anxious to finish Fractured last night. Unfortunately, the ending didn't quite match the level of intensity. It felt forced. McKenzie takes the reader on this incredible and thrilling ride with interesting characters, tension and swirling mystery that falls flat. The picture of the knocked over lawn chair is completely appropriate--the forecasters are predicting a huge destructive storm but we just get a little wind.

I really enjoyed reading Fractured and I hate to dismiss it because I was ultimately disappointed with the ending. McKenzie definitely kept my attention the entire time. The characters were very believable and fully developed. Every situation, every interaction felt uncomfortably real. There are twists and surprises and I suspected nearly every character which is of course what we're looking for in a psychological thriller.

Fractured by Catherine McKenzie is published by Lake Union Publishing and released in October 2016.

**I received a complimentary copy of Fractured. This review reflects my honest opinions. No compensation was received.**

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