Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Day in the Life - March 22, 2016

I wanted to participate with Trish from Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity on her annual "A Day in the Life" blogger hop again this year. I chose to write about yesterday which was a bit unusual but as I've been looking at my life lately is emblematic of the craziness I keep getting myself involved in.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My parents and my two and three year old nieces spent the night at my house. I have forgotten how often toddlers wake up during the night. I spent a restless night listening to them and worrying that they were too cold.

5:37 am : My mom woke me up because I forgot to put out towels.

6:15 am : The alarm goes off. I nudge Randy to get up and wake Neil up to get ready for school. My parents leave for their doctor appointments in Salt Lake.

6:30 am : My alarm goes off again. I get up and start making breakfast for Neil. He requests Ritz crackers with peanut butter and his usual glass of chocolate milk.

6:51 am : After constant coaxing to get moving; to load his back packs; eat his breakfast; brush his teeth; Neil leaves for school. It's raining like crazy. Good thing he just runs next door to catch a ride to the high school from his friend. I wake up the other kids and tell them to start getting dressed.

7:10 am : I do Lilly and Molly's hair.

7:25 am : Breakfast for everyone, including my nieces who woke up when the other kids went downstairs.

7:40 am : We pray and Amberley leaves to catch her bus to the junior high.

7:45 am : Thomas, Lilly and Molly leave to walk to school. Normally I would shut the door with a great sigh of relief and probably climb back into bed but my nieces are here. I help them get a banana. While the eat, I unload the dishwasher and load it again.

8:00 am : I turn Inside Out on for the girls and hurry upstairs to take a shower. Can I take a shower with two toddlers in the house? I get dressed and do my makeup and hair.

8:45 am : I get my nieces dressed and do their hair. They are very adorable. My mom calls to suggest that instead of driving the girls to Salt Lake to meet them (it's snowing and windy in Salt Lake) that they will meet me farther south and closer to my house. That means I get to hang out with the girls longer. We finish watching the movie.

10:00 am : I load the little girls in my car and am thankful to have the built-in car seats that haven't been used in quite awhile. As we drive over the mountain into the valley, the rain changes to snow. The wind is wild.

10:15 am : I meet my parents in the Walmart parking lot. They get the girls and prepare to drive back to Vernal. I go home.

10:30 am : I get a text that Neil's afternoon tennis match has been rescheduled due to weather and I am so happy.

10:35 am : I get home. My house is cold. I climb into my warm bed intending to read Code Name Verity. I fall asleep.

1:00 pm : I wake up. It was a lovely nap. Rand and I have a Greek salad for lunch.

1:30 pm : I actually read Code Name Verity. It's the pick for book club this month.

2:00 pm : My friend calls. It startles me because she never actually calls. We are marathon texters. She's had an emergency with her daughter and can't get back to town (did I mention that we live in the middle of no where) in time to pick up her son for his dentist appointment. I drive to the school and check him out. We drive over to meet his mom in the grocery store parking lot.

2:30 pm : I get home. Thomas, Lilly and Molly have just gotten home from school. We work on homework and sign field trip permission forms.

4:00 pm : I go get dressed and fix my hair and makeup which is a disaster after my long nap.

4:50 pm : My friend picks me up. We drop off her kids at her mom's house before heading to the junior high to prepare for the caucus meeting.

5:00 pm : Our precinct will meet in the library. We have to rearrange the tables and the chairs to accommodate the crowd we are expecting. We prepare the registration tables. My good friend is the precinct secretary and I have attending trainings with her to help with registration and vote counting.

6:00 pm : People start arriving. We are constantly busy with registration. We quickly exceed our expected numbers of people attending.

7:00 pm : Our caucus meeting starts on time but people are still arriving.

7:30 pm : I help count the votes for the election of Precinct Chair. I am nominated as a State Delegate so I can't help count that vote. I wander the hall because it is so crowded and hot in the library I am wondering what in the world possessed me to wear a sweater. I visit with friends.

8:20 pm : The vote is announced and I am an alternative State Delegate. I am nominated as a County Delegate and win my vote of acclamation because only six people have been nominated for the six positions. Three of my good friends are also elected as County Delegates.

9:00 pm : With record attendance at least double what we have seen in other exciting election cycles, our precinct caucus wraps up.

9:15 pm : I am disappointed in the Presidential Preference vote count. It is expected but I find the result frustrating.

9:30 pm : We clean up from the precinct and go over the registration forms. Send the counts and tallies to the state.

11:00 pm : I get home from the caucus meeting. I didn't eat dinner and am starving. I have a bowlful of cottage cheese and tomatoes. Rand and I vent over our political frustrations.

11:30 pm : I start a batch of laundry.

12:00 am : I'm still on Twitter checking the results of the Utah caucuses and regretting getting political online.

1:00 am : I put the laundry in the dryer. Take out my contacts and brush my teeth. It's time for bed.

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Anita LeBeau said...

I don't want to get political either, but it's a disappointing election field so far. Your day was busy, except for the nap. I'm a napper...I love a nap....anytime!

Suey said...

Way to be involved in the political scene! I tend to just want to vote then slink away... which is basically what I did last night.. :) And yes, the weather yesterday! Crazy!

Kay said...

A busy, busy day for sure. Glad you got a nap. I don't even want to think about elections. I am profoundly depressed this year all the way around. And that's all I'll say about that. LOL

Enjoyed reading about your day. :-)

Literary Feline said...

I am not at all familiar with the caucus process, and so I am glad you were able to shed some light on it. I am sure I learned about it in a government class at some point, but that was eons ago.

I really enjoyed reading about your day! It was busy and interesting. I wish I could take a nap more often. They should come built in during the work day.

Susan said...

Wow, busy day! And I can't believe it snowed in Utah. I think it was 90 degrees here in Arizona yesterday. Yuck.

Trish said...

I'm trying to focus on other things besides your nap. I'm so jealous! I don't normally nap during the day (except on weekends), but I tried yesterday and the babe just didn't want to cooperate. :)

I remember reading your day last year and it was quite busy, too! Maybe a bit busier with the kids than this year, but the caucus process sounds exhausting! We don't have that in Texas so it was fun to read about. Thanks for sharing your day Cindi.

Andi said...

I loved this peek into your day! What a busy, hectic one!

SuziQoregon said...

It was interesting to hear about the cuacus process. Thanks for sharing your day.