Friday, April 1, 2016

Eleanor - Book Review

A horrible car accident kills Esmerelda but her identical twin sister Eleanor and her mother survive to bear the unbearable loss. Shattered by grief, Eleanor's mother turns to the drink and descends into a world that neither Eleanor nor her father cannot penetrate. Alone and responsible, Eleanor is forced to grow up quickly as she attempts to hold her family together.

One day, Eleanor walks through a door and simply disappears. She finds herself in a new world. She comes too later locked in her school in the middle of the night. Over and over, she leaves her reality and eventually meets someone who will help her heal her family.

The first eighty pages of the novel Eleanor by Jason Gurley read like a family saga. The writing is lovely and I could literally feel the weight of the depression and grief experienced by the characters. Hurley successfully creates characters that the reader cares about as they suffer.

As Eleanor moved into the more supernatural sections, I was initially frustrated and contemplated giving up on the novel. It's not my typical read so I started skimming but the writing enraptured me and soon I was completely captivated by the story telling and fantastical world Gurley builds. I also had to go back and read some of the sections that I had skimmed through.

Eleanor by Jason Gurley really is a beautiful story of healing and peace. I loved the characters and hoped for a good resolution. I actually ended up enjoying the phenomenal aspects of the plot line. I'm glad that I picked it up and took a chance on something different.

Eleanor by Jason Gurley is published by Crown and released in January 2016.

**I received a complimentary copy of Eleanor. All opinions are my own. No compensation was received.**

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