Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Cokeville Miracle Movie

As a child my family frequently traveled from our home in Eastern Utah to visit my grandparents in Star Valley, Wyoming. On our way we drove through the small town of Cokeville and I recall my dad telling me about the hostage and bombing situation at the Cokeville Elementary School and the miracles that took place that day. In my child brain, I processed this story as if it had happened "long ago" and only realized that my dad was telling me this story only a year or so after it happened. Even so, it was memorable and emotional and I never went to Star Valley without thinking of the inspiring people in that town.

Now, The Cokeville Miracle tells their story in their way.
On June 5th the movie opens in 
select theaters across the United States.

Rand and I had the chance to preview the movie about a month ago. We were completely enthralled in the storytelling and the development of the characters. As a mother of young children, the story is harrowing and I definitely needed tissue. There are moments in the film where I literally sobbed. It is at times frightening and I wouldn't take my young children to see it. But, what the movie does so well is tell the spiritual and miraculous events that occurred that day as a community came together.

T.C. Christensen is at the height of his skills as a movie maker. The Cokeville Miracle is a beautiful tribute to the survivors of the horrific events on that May 1986 day. It does a great job of showing the power of prayer. It shows the innocence of children and the preciousness of their lives and faith. 

 Be sure to #seemiracles on June 5th.

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Suey said...

I had friends involved in this. One of my best friends moved there and this happened like the next year after that. I think her younger siblings were there. I wish I could remember better exactly. I might have to go digging through letters or something!