Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Camp at Utah Children's Theater

When we got invited to attend a week of Summer Camp at Utah Children's Theater, I immediately knew which kid would benefit from it the most. Lilly is the middle girl and she's my quietest, shyest kid but she also loves going to the plays at the theater and she has a fabulously rich imagination. She was either going to love it or hate it.

Because of scheduling conflicts, Lilly slept over at her grandparents' house so that they could take her to camp that first morning. Lilly was so nervous/excited about going to theater camp that she had trouble falling asleep and woke Gramps up at 6:00 in the morning, ready to go.

The staff at Utah Children's Theater was fabulous and made her feel welcome right away. She made a friend and had so much fun that Lilly couldn't stop talking all evening. She was making props; planning her pirate costume and thinking of plot lines.

Lilly had the most fabulous week. She learned about stage direction and worked at projecting her voice (never a problem at home but she's usually pretty quiet around people at church, school and even extended family). She memorized her lines and really looked forward to her recital at the end of the week. She was super excited to be a pirate.

Theater camp gave Lilly a chance to shine instead of being in the shadow of her big sister and overwhelmed by her louder, younger sister. She felt confident on stage and is excited to go to theater camp again.

We were all impressed by the quality of the performance that these kids put together in only a week. The staff and teachers were always thoughtful, fun and encouraging as well as knowledgeable. The kids seemed to respond well to them. I love that the kids got a chance to come up with the storyline of the play and Lilly was thrilled to pick her own name : Bonbottom.

When I asked Lilly if there was anything that she didn't enjoy about theater camp she said "Nothing. I wish I could go again this week." I'm so glad my shy kid could have a chance to blossom and perform. Even my dad commented that she seemed to be less in her shell at a family party this weekend. The change is definitely noticeable. I'm so glad.

Summer camps at Utah Children's Theater will continue to run throughout June, July and August and there is still space for your future actors to enroll.

Contact :
Utah Children’s Theatre
3605 South State Street
South Salt Lake, UT 84115

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