Monday, August 26, 2013

Pronto - Book Review

Utah Dad and I watch very little television. However, when we find a show that we like we pretty much devour it. Utah Dad's brother insisted that we watch Justified. Following Federal Marshal Raylan Givens, the show is set in Harlan, Kentucky. Since Utah Dad's mother grew up in Harlan, Kentucky and has some fabulous stories to tell, we "justify" our new addiction by claiming that watching it is like doing family history.

Earlier this summer I discovered that the show was based on novels by Elmore Leonard so I ordered three. I justified the purchase by telling myself that they were gifts for Utah Dad. Surely, he would love to read them. Because, you know, he has so much leisure time.

Then, last week Elmore Leonard passed away at the age of 87. As a tribute to him and to satisfy my cravings for the show while we wait for the fourth season to come out on DVD, I picked up the novel Pronto. (This was also a nice way to satisfy my "Conquering the Book Stacks" goal to read books off my shelf this month.)

Harry Arno, a Miami bookie, is set up by the feds in an attempt to get more information about Arno's mobster boss. Arno's been arrested but his life is in danger. He's being watched by Federal Marshal Raylan Givens but he gives Givens the slip and flees the country. Raylan goes after him, intent on keeping Arno safe and returning him to justice.

Pronto by Elmore Leonard is a wild ride from Miami to the countryside of Italy. Filled with fun mob characters and plenty of gun slinging action, Raylan Givens is introduced as the cowboy-hat wearing, slow talking, fast drawing Federal Marshal. 

Pronto was different from my normal reads but I enjoyed Leonard's writing style. Filled with action, genuine dialogue, and entertaining characters Pronto was a fun diversion. 

**There is a lot of swearing.**

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