Monday, June 11, 2012

Giggling in Church

Years ago, Utah Dad and I drove from our home in New Hampshire to Boston to meet his brother and sister-in-law. They were staying in an old hotel in Boston that just happened to be hosting a Sci-Fi/Fantasy conference at the same time. The slow, creaky elevator from their room on the top floor stopped on each floor of the crowded hotel. Each time the elevator doors opened, we would see another character waiting to get on--the elfin princesses, aliens and various other creatures (not being a sci-fi fan, I can't accurately identify them). I stood in the back of the elevator trying hard to control the laughter that threatened to burst out. I literally shook next to Utah Dad, who pinched me. Finally, I just couldn't stop and I started to snicker. Utah Dad shot me his embarrassed, horrified look and I simply dissolved into shaking, uncontrollable giggles.

One of the women saw me trying to hide behind Utah Dad. "You're not here for the conference, are you?" she asked. I couldn't even respond between laughs and was so grateful when the doors of the elevator  finally opened to the lobby and offered me escape.

It was Fast and Testimony Meeting. I had enjoyed listening to the former NFL football player singing behind me during the hymns. I was also keenly aware of my own hunger and the pleasantly appetizing scent of the mango scented lotion that my in-laws had brought back for me after their recent trip to Hawaii. Behind me, I heard the sound of the football player's stomach growl. Instantly the thought popped into my head : "I hope he doesn't eat me." It struck me so funny that I started to giggle. I bit my tongue and pinched my arm but my shoulders shook. Utah Dad and the kids were staring at me in confusion which only made me shake harder and the tears flowed freely down my face. I finally had to get up and walk out of the chapel so I could compose myself in the hall.

Does anyone else know this feeling? Knowing that it is inappropriate to laugh and unable to stop it?

Yesterday during Sunday School, we were in the middle of a great discussion on Alma 5. Utah Dad is the teacher so I'm biased, but I thought the lesson was going well. Obviously, he hadn't captured everyone's attention because the man sitting on the row behind me leaned forward to talk to another lady. He was talking loud enough that I could hear most of what he was saying.

He pointed at the Relief Society poster on the wall.

"Why the double negative?" He asked and then continued. "Why say 'Charity Never Faileth'? Why not say 'Charity Always Prevaileth'?"

I tried to keep my attention tuned to Utah Dad and his lesson on having the image of Christ "engraved" upon our souls. He and the class were getting deep.

But the man to my left continued. "I just don't understand why the Relief Society theme is negative. It's like we have an entire Relief Society of martyrs. 'Oh, all I am is a taxi driver'." He mocked. (Not even that funny, in retrospect.)

And I lost it. I tried to focus on Utah Dad who watched me in horror as I tried desperately to control the giggles. My body shook. My eyes watered and the tears coursed in messy paths down my cheeks. The lady that he had originally been talking to laughed as well and the woman beside me laughed too (whether at me or at the guy, it was difficult to determine).

Utah Dad stopped his lesson and turned to us as the entire classroom (thankfully it had been raided to fill Primary substitute assignments and was sparsely filled) turned the attention to me. Every time I looked at him, I only laughed harder. It was a few minutes before I could gain composure and the lesson continued.

Poor Utah Dad taught the rest of the lesson thinking he had a booger.


Rheanna said...

Sadly, that happens to me more than I would like to admit! And just about every time it is at a COMPLETELY inappropriate moment! It was quite hilarious yesterday, especially since I enjoyed watching it happen to Mandy just the day before :o) We all just need to laugh sometimes! Though, on a more reverent note, your husband's lesson was quite fantastic yesterday :o)

Stine said...

My favorite of these moments was in RS one day the teacher said, in all seriousness without ever noticing, "as for me and my HORSE... we will serve the Lord" I still can't think about it without laughing out loud.

MamaMunky said...

My sister and I used to have to be separated in church for this very reason. It wasn't that we found church so funny. It was just that we were supposed to sit next to each other, look straight ahead, and be serious. That just wasn't happening. There was the time that she started laughing because she heard "lead us not into heaven" as "lead our snot into heaven".