Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break

We've been so busy during spring break that I haven't even had a chance to write down what we've been doing. So, now that I have a little time to breathe tonight here's our week:

Tuesday: We stayed home. I did laundry and some general house cleaning. Utah Dad took Thomas to Home Depot to buy the materials and then came home and worked on building the gardening boxes we are adding this year.

Wednesday: We drove to Salt Lake and went to Hogle Zoo. Utah Dad's parents live near the zoo and they have a grandparents' pass so we (the kids) go to the zoo quite often. I like the zoo only if it is not too hot or too cold, so the weather on Wednesday was nearly perfect for a zoo outing. I could have used a little more overcast skies, but I can't really complain.

The animals were rather active and we especially enjoyed watching the wolves, tigers and peacocks.

One year we went to Hogle Zoo at Christmastime to see the zoo lights. My children insisted that we go in the tropical zone/reptile house. It is their favorite. I cannot stand the smell. It is perhaps the worst smell I have ever smelled in my life. We came home from that trip and hung our coats in the coat closet. Only the zoo stink had permeated into our coats. Then it stunk up everything else in the coat closet. Everything had to be cleaned. I wasn't happy.

This time I casually steered my family away from the stinky tropical zone and captured their attention with the big cats in the Asian Highlands. By the time they realized they had been duped, we were too far away and almost finished for the day. Mommy success.

The nice thing about going to the zoo frequently is that you don't have to stay all day. We spent two hours leisurely walking around. We didn't insist on seeing everything. We can see the animals we missed next time.

I large portion of the zoo is under construction. While we missed the bears and penguins, the coming changes (spring 2012) look like they will be fabulous.
Thursday: My dearest friend from New Hampshire was in Utah visiting her daughter who lives in Heber. We arranged to meet at a centrally located McDonalds for lunch so we could let the kids play while we visited. The weather was chilly so it was nice to be inside.

We rarely go to McDonalds. I rarely go to McDonalds. Utah Dad goes to McDonalds every time he runs errands. It's supposed to be a "secret" but Thomas (his partner in crime) usually spills the beans.
Anyway, I don't take the kids to McDonalds. For years, I've told my kids that only grandparents were allowed to buy Happy Meals. And as much as possible we avoid the germy, bully-filled play places.
When I was a child my family rarely went to fast food places with play zones. I can only remember one occasion. I was about seven years old and the play zone was filled with thousands of balls (imagine the germs!). It looked like so much fun. My brothers all dove right in, but I was so shy and fearful of crowds that I stayed by my parents and longingly watched my brothers play.
Not one of my children is like I was as child. My kids all joined right in the crazy, chaotic, crowded play and they had a fabulous time. Even though Molly ended up with a bruise on her cheek. Hmm. Probably why the sign said it wasn't for children under three.
While the kids had fun, Utah Dad and I enjoyed our visit with our dear friend. We love and miss her so much. It's always so great to see her when she visits. Some day (sooner than later, I hope) we will be going back to New Hampshire to visit her.
I have to admit that I also really enjoyed my double cheese burger. It was just such a greasy, guilty pleasure.
Thursday night after the kids were in bed, Utah Dad and I stayed up until the wee hours of morning eating rich and spicy food and visiting with friends.
Friday: Utah Dad and I left the kids with a babysitter and went to the temple. We did sealings, which I very much enjoyed. Afterward, we went to lunch at Kneaders; casually browsed in Costco (miraculously I only spent $10) and then walked through some model homes just because (we're not moving).
The kids played the Wii and watched movies all day long without us. I think it was their best day.
Friday evening, I had my first photo shoot for this spring season. I hadn't seen the family for over a year and the kids are really growing up. There's a new one too. They're all so cute. We had a fabulous shoot. I'll be sharing the pictures soon. 
When I got home and helped Utah Dad put the kids to bed, I headed over to my friend's house for our neighborhood girls' night. So much good food. Just Dance on the Wii. Hysterical laughing and great great ladies. I crawled into bed before 2 a.m.
It was a really great week but I think we are all exhausted at this point and ready to return to our normal schedule. My youngest children definitely need their older siblings to return to school. We all need to sleep more and eat better. Good thing the fun can only last so long. We'll be back to the grind on Monday.


Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog on GFC.
Have a nice day!

anna said...

we went to McDonalds for lunch today - drive thru. It was the first time I have ever bought my kids a happy meal and I am not sure what possessed me. It was just one of those days with sick kids, sick mom and I was willing to do whatever to keep peace :) After I ate my big Mac I said to Clarke: it tastes so good and then I regret eating it for about a week. Needless to say, we have only been to McDonalds a handful of times in our marriage. The week of guilt isn't really worth the ten minutes of enjoyment for me.

I am glad you guys had such a fun spring break. I hope you are not all funned (I made up that word) out since we will be there so soon!