Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thomas turns Five

Thomas had a pretty eventful fifth birthday. It was also his first full day of preschool. We had the preschool at our house. Thomas and I are involved with a Joy School type preschool this year. We've teamed up with several other moms and kids in our neighborhood. I have to admit that I was a bit scared to have eight kids between the ages of 3 and 5 at my house (not including Lilly and Molly, who also hung around) but it wasn't bad. It really wasn't bad at all.

We were studying the letter "S" so we learned about snakes and had Skittles. For our snack time, the other kids sang Happy Birthday to Thomas and then enjoyed chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles. I think Thomas really enjoyed hanging out with new friends.

For dinner, Thomas chose stroganoff keeping with the "S" theme. He ate off the "Celebrate Plate" and we took turns saying nice things about him and listing all the things we love about him.

After dinner, we measured the kids on our growth board. It's become a tradition to do our family's yearly measurements on Thomas's birthday which also coincides nicely with the beginning of the school year. All the kids grew a lot this year.

After the other kids went to bed, Thomas got to stay up late. He and I drove to Wal-mart so that he could pick out his birthday gift. He really really wanted his own scooter. He also got a new helmet. When he got home, he had a few bites of ice cream (not much of a treats kid) and went to bed.

This morning, he was so anxious to go "scootering". We went outside even though the wind gusts were blowing down all the garbage cans in the neighborhood and there was a major dust storm. He looked so cute.

To meet Thomas is to love him. He is such a cuddle bug and his sapphire eyes are just too much. I can not believe he's already five years old.

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Annika said...

Seriously?! 5 Already?! I can't beleieve how the time flies, and your so good to do home preschool, I don't think I could ever do that. Which is why I pay someone to do my kids preschool. Your awesome.