Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Little Looster - Review

Lilly is approaching her third birthday and it's time for potty training. The first two children I potty trained were relatively easy but the third one nearly did me in.  So, I hadn't really been looking forward to training Lilly.

Then, just in time, the people from The Little Looster sent one for us to try and review. The Little Looster is an ingenious stool that fits in front of the toilet. It's one of those mom-inventions that once you see the simplicity and brilliance, makes you wonder why it took so long to be invented. The stool allows the little children to comfortably rest their feet on it while they are sitting on the regular toilet. It gives them a feeling of security and makes it so they don't need to hang on with their hands. Even though we try hard, there are a lot of people (including young boys) using that toilet and I cannot always guarantee that it's germ-free, so if the kids can avoid touching the toilet, it's always a good thing.

I quit using the traditional training potty not long after I started training my first child. You only have to clean one of those a few times before it quickly loses its value. Yuck. The Little Looster eliminates the need for the training potty.

Lilly has taken right to potty training and is doing really well. The Little Looster lets her feel independent and  she can mostly go to the potty by herself. I no longer need to help her get on the toilet and sit next to her to keep her from falling in.

There are only two small problems with The Little Looster. First, it is designed so that adults and older children can use the toilet without moving it. However, I have a four-year-old son and it doesn't allow him to get close enough to the potty while standing. We had to teach him to move it out of the way first so that he doesn't make a huge mess. Problem solved. Second, it gives one-year-old Molly easier access to the toilet. She is currently fascinated by the toilet/water and if the kids leave the bathroom door open, she'll go in. This problem can be easily solved if I can just get the older kids to shut the door.

Overall, the Little Looster has been great. Lilly likes it. It's helped make potty training easier and less messy. Which makes me happy.

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