Thursday, June 17, 2010

Everything is Fine

I finished reading a stack of our favorite Little Critter books to the kids and sent them upstairs to play in their bedrooms. The doorbell rang. I peeked through the peep hole with Summer (the puppy), breaking the rules that don't allow her in the family room, winding around my legs. To my surprise, there was a handsome Sheriff's Deputy standing patiently on my door step. I opened the door cautiously to avoid letting Summer escape.

"Is everything here OK, Ma'am?"

Well, other than that I have raging allergies, didn't get a shower yet, and I own a crazy hyper puppy. "Yes, of course, everything is fine."

He informed me that they had received a disconnected 911 call from my home. Really? Molly had been playing with the phone while we were reading books. I had taken it away from her when I heard the warning beeping noises. I explained that the mistake was probably to blame on my one-year-old daughter.

"Can we check the call history on your phone?" Sure.

He waited, while I searched for the phone between the cushions of the couch, while wrestling a puppy and grateful that I had vacuumed earlier that morning. The telephone only remembered the last four calls. While there was no proof that Molly had dialed 911, her last four calls were telling: 6; *811; 211 and 871111111111111. Given her propensity to dial the one, I thought that the chances that she had also dialed 911 were pretty darn good.

Embarrassed, I rambled my apologies. I might have even randomly mentioned that my sister is a 911 dispatcher and so I know the seriousness of wasting the resources of our fine, fine police force. The deputy forgave us and left me to the insanity that is my life as a mom.

By midnight, I was seriously wishing that the deputy had hauled Molly off to jail. Standing in her crib, she figured out that she could turn on and off the light. Molly thought it was hilarious. Her sisters/roommates, who were amused the first few times, had ceased to find it funny at midnight. I finally had to move her crib away from the light switch. Then, she screamed. And screamed. Molly has usually been a great sleeper. I've been able to put her into bed (around 9 p.m.) and she'll go right to sleep. But yesterday, she refused to take a nap during the day and wouldn't go to bed either. I am so hoping it was an isolated event. Possibly a result of the chocolate chips I shared with her in the evening. Darn that giant, resealable bag of chocolate chips from Costco.

Molly has finally started walking too. The extra mobility has definitely aided the naughty factor. I am lamenting that my youngest, tiniest, last baby is turning into a toddler already. Good thing she's still cute.

Molly's mug shots:

Yes, she enjoys eating sand.

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