Thursday, July 23, 2009

Space Shuttle Sightings

Last night my family joined my brother's family and some of our neighbor friends in our backyard for a little party. We hung a sheet from our house and watched a movie with my brother's projector (that he needs for work, of course).

During the party, my brother, who knows nearly everything, announced that in a moment we would be able to see the space shuttle docked with the space station orbiting through the night sky. Sure enough, we all turned to look to the North West sky and we watched for a few minutes as the space shuttle (picture a bright orange light) zoomed across the sky. For a space loving family, it was indeed a special treat. And guess what, it will be visible again tonight, assuming the sky is clear. It might help that we live in the middle of nowhere and don't have a lot of light pollution. But if you can see the stars, you'll be able to see the shuttle.

You can find out the right time to head outside to view the orbiting shuttle at the NASA website. And you can follow the details of the shuttle mission too.

And I just have to add this little tidbit. While we were watching the sky, my three-year-old son announced excitedly: "Hey! There's the Double Dipper." I suppose that would be the constellation that's not very welcome at parties.

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