Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Zucchini Day

The rest of Utah is celebrating Pioneer Day today but my husband doesn't have the day off from work. We're hanging out at home like we do on most Fridays. We didn't watch the parade and we probably won't go watch fireworks either. Instead, we're celebrating "picking the first zucchini from our garden day" by making and eating a batch of our favorite fried zucchini. We made some onion rings from the batter too. I posted my recipe last year but I did make a few updates to it this year (I added an egg to the batter). I hope you get to enjoy a zucchini from your garden soon. And have a great Pioneer Day--however you get to celebrate.

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april~living the sweet life said...

Hi I noticed that you are going to Thanksgiving Point tomorrow. I am hosting a bloggers event on Friday and want to invite you. Could you email me so I cansend you the invite.
April~Living The Sweet Life