Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pizza/Pajama Party

Tomorrow, my seven-year-old son gets to have a "Pizza/Pajama Party" at school. The class earned the party with their good behavior (so far) and got to vote on what kind of party they wanted. Apparently, the pizza party tied with the pajama party, so luckily they get to have both. But I'm just wondering--what kind of person/kid votes for a pajama party OVER a pizza party? Yes, I really love pajamas, but instead of food? Come on!

Oh, and I hope we actually remember to have him wear pajamas tomorrow morning. Last year, I got a phone call from a sad boy and I had to make the run back to school with a pair of pajamas. Too bad they weren't the ones he wanted. This event is filed away with the many others I've already racked up as a non-super mom--including the time I forgot to have him wear his Halloween costume to school and the time I forgot to have him take Valentines to his preschool class. How come we never forget these mom-mistakes?