Thursday, October 9, 2008


I don't generally watch television. We don't have access to cable or even the basic networks at our house. We watch the news, the political debacle, and the weather online.

Last weekend we went to my husband's parents' house. They love TV. They have a really big one and it takes center stage in the main room of the house. It can be seen from the kitchen. It's almost always on. Over the weekend, we watched General Conference but we watched it most of the rest of the time as well.

Besides the fact that even with several hundred channels to choose from, there really wasn't much to watch, I was most intrigued by the commercials. I haven't missed them. Over the years, there have been some really obnoxious commercials and I've had to wonder at the advertising companies that come up with, approve and make them. Are they really effective? I certainly remember them but often the commercials turn me off and I refuse to ever shop/patronize the item/store/restaurant being advertised.

Do you recall the dancing guy in the yellow suit who advertised for John Parras Furniture several years ago? Even though they now have a respectable former-anchorman, whenever I see/hear the name "John Parras Furniture", I immediately think of that crazy, annoying yellow-suit guy. I'm sure the place has beautiful furniture and great deals, but I'm not going there.

Or the freaky-looking plastic king guy? I don't eat at Burger King.

Super Dell? Enough said.

Now it's Arby's. What is with the "married to a goat" commercial? Does it make you want to eat their sandwiches (which actually looked pretty tasty)? Are they attempting to make some weird political statement about marriage? Whatever they are trying to say, it certainly doesn't say "come buy and eat this sandwich" to me.

What commercials bug you? I'd love to hear.

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