Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I usually forget about General Relief Society Meeting. In fact, most years I remember when I get the Conference Report Ensign and I get to the end and find the wonderful talks from the General Relief Society Presidency. But, this year, I remembered and I planned to go.

Saturday evening, my son and I were working on his book report and my husband asked me if I planned to shower before I went to the meeting. "Of course," I replied. "When?" He asked and informed me that it was ten minutes to six and that the meeting began at six. So, I jumped in the shower and hurried to get ready. I arrived at the chapel late so I missed Sister Beck's talk (I'll have to read it in the Ensign). But I enjoyed the other talks and the beautiful music.

Presiden Uchtdorf's talk (the transcipt is not on lds.org yet but probably will be soon) was especially good and I thought his message of creating was interesting and thought provoking.

Generally, I'm a fairly creative person. But while I am pregnant my ability to create much of anything seems to completely disappear. It's as if all my creative energy is used up to make the baby and there is nothing left over.

For example, even though I currently have an insatiable appetite, I am content to attempt to fill it with tomatoes and cottage cheese, bagels, Ritz crackers, ice cream and candy. My family reminds me that these are not meals, but the idea of thawing meat, sauteeing vegetables, etc is just too much for me. Usually, I enjoy looking through cookbooks and recipe websites and trying new meals. Right now, my family is lucky if they get sandwiches. (During my third trimester, I will desire cookies all the time, so I will bake--but that's months away.)

Oh well, when they complain I'll just remind them that I am very busy creating the new baby. Hopefully, they'll understand and look forward to the cookies.

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Smiles said...

I think that there is a lot of push to keep the family together. I know that I need to be better about planning activities for my family. But there doesn't seem to be enough time in a day...

I've been asking around for different activities to do with my family and my friend just told me that there is a free night at Discovery Gateway museum.

I guess one parent goes to a free event at The Depot (free food and drinks)and listens to some speal from the mayor and the telesphere people, then you get a free VIP family pass to the childrens museum at the gateway that night from 7-9ish

Its normally like $8 per person... I just RSVPed -- rsvp@telesphere.com or 801-783-3713

It sounds like a fun (cheap) family activity.