Monday, September 15, 2008


My favorite catalog arrived in the mail on Saturday (no, not Pottery Barn or Anthropologie). It was the Fisher Price catalog. My children got excited and started to argue about who got to look at it first until I reminded them that it was MY name on the cover.

I smile whenever I see the catalog's cover with a picture of adorable Little People. Can I admit that I love those little things? Last year, I finally bought the Little People Nativity set. I convinced myself (and my husband) that if my kids had their own nativity set, my daughter would stop carting off the Baby Jesus from my more expensive and fragile nativity set. It was really for me, though, and everyone knew it. Did you know that they have Pilgrim Little People and Native American Little People and a table full of tiny, plastic Thanksgiving food? So cute. I am currently trying to convince my husband that my children need them (I know, I'm delusional).

I also love Fisher Price's GeoTrax. My oldest son got the basic GeoTrax train set for Christmas when he was two. He loved it and requested more trains and tracks for his birthday and when he mastered the potty and for the next Christmas. We obliged because those plastic tracks and little plastic trains are sturdy, easy to assemble and so much fun.

My second son asked Santa for the Grand Central Station last Christmas and wants more trains this year. He plays with it frequently. I especially like it now because he can put the train tracks together by himself. We've amassed three crates full of tracks, trains and additional paraphernalia, but it's worth it.

While looking through the catalog, I did have to laugh at the new Baby Zen collection (obviously created for the couple expecting their FIRST baby). No matter how cute/calm/Zen-like that high chair looks when you first put it together, it will still end up with Cheerios in the cracks of the plush cover and be splattered with sweet potatoes (if you actually put a live baby in it).


Troy and Jen said...

Those are some great ideas for Toys. We need sturdy, quality toys in our house.

Christi said...

Hi, I'm Rhiannon's sister in law (Kevin's oldest sister)-I totally love the fisher price catalog...and I laughed because I just broke down and bought the nativity last year, too. I'm hoping Santa will bring the Geotrax airplanes this year!

Jenn-Lee said...

Hi..I'm new to your blog but have already enjoyed reading your last few posts. It is good to hear that there are more moms out there that love the toy catalog as much as a little kid. I also, love little people. We have collected many because I love them ..I am having a hard time coming to accept that my kids don't play with them. :( but they are cute!
Happy Christmas shopping. My goal is to have it done by Dec 1st.. we will see. ps. I'm not a Utah mom, but wish I was,...soon enough..:)