Saturday, March 1, 2008


We love Netflix. It is definitely in my top ten list right now. Since we don't watch television and we rarely get out for a date, we've enjoyed getting DVDs delivered right to our mailbox. (This is actually not an advertisement for Netflix.) I thought I would include a list of some of the movies that we have enjoyed recently (in no particular order). They are [mostly] clean movies. We've especially enjoyed watching foreign and independent films. Add a few to your list and enjoy.

Children of Heaven
Mother Theresa
One Night with the King (story of Queen Esther)
Sweet Land
The Fastest Indian in the World
The Ultimate Gift
The Last Sin Eater
On a Clear Day
The Snow Walker
Amazing Grace
Merry Christmas
Dear Frankie
I am David
Raise the Red Lantern
Saving Sarah Cain
The King of Masks

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Booklogged said...

I love Netflix, too. We've been watching TV series. It's so nice because there are NO advertisements. That's one of the big reasons I hate tv. Currently we've been watching Monk, Monarch of the Glen and Bones. My favorite series was the first 2 seasons of Prison Break (it's kind of gruesome in parts, but we don't have any kids watching with us.)

We watched Amazing Grace in Jan. and loved it. I'm going to add some from your list to my queue. Thanks for the suggestions.