Friday, February 8, 2008


We talk politics a lot at our house. Anyone who knows my husband can testify that this is true. We loved living in New Hampshire and participating in the 2000 Primary. But this year, Mitt Romney's campaign for the Republican nomination has really intensified the political conversation in our home.

My six year old son has been listening to the almost constant commentary and over the past few months he has asked several questions about the process and Mitt Romney. I took him with me to vote last Tuesday in the Utah Primary. He was bored standing in a really long line but I wanted him to see the real process and not just the parties and conventions that he has been seeing in the news.

Yesterday, we heard the news that Mitt Romney (our favorite candidate) had suspended his campaign. When I told my six year old, he got a sad look on his face and asked, "Why did he give up?" I'm sure there are dozens of reasons-- some of which will make sense to the grown-ups--but how do you answer that question for a kid?

So, a few questions for discussion: Assuming that you were as excited as we were, were we excited about Romney because his political views most closely aligned with our own, or because of our shared religion? In your opinion, what are the main reasons that Romney did not do as well as hoped in the primaries? Is there another candidate that you can get excited about or at least be willing to vote for? Should Romney consider running again in four years?

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Tiff & Rand said...

Mitt Romney better run again in four years!!! I was so sad to hear the news. I have no idea if I'm even going to vote! How do you give your vote to anyone that you don't trust or agree with? I think one of the reasons Romney didn't do as well is because of his religion, which is ridiculous, Huckabee shoves his religion into everything he says, Romney never did that. But I guess people aren't opened-minded enough yet to see that he's a good person, he won't force his religion on you, and NO he is not polygamist. I think people will be more apt to vote for him in least I hope!