Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mother's Day at Massage Envy

Receiving gifts is not my love language. When holidays roll around, I'm perfectly happy and prefer to pick out my own gifts. For instance, Rand and I will usually talk about what we would like or need and then I order it, wrap it (or not) and put it under the tree. Last year, for Mother's Day I bought myself some books (big surprise) and a Blu Ray player (which did double duty as Rand's Father's Day gift). This year, I'm getting a bike. Honestly, I'd really, really just love it if my kids cleaned their bedrooms for Mother's Day.

However, one year Rand surprised me on Mother's Day. I had a bunch of tiny kids and I was exhausted. I hadn't even thought about Mother's Day. Since he was a frazzled, tired dad in the middle of his master's degree and working full time, I didn't think he had thought about Mother's Day either. But that morning he presented me (and his mom, sweet man) with a gift certificate to get a massage. I was shocked, thrilled and deeply grateful.

I used that gift certificate to get the second massage I'd ever had in my life (the first one was the day after I delivered Neal--a brilliant service the hospital in New Hampshire offered to all new mothers). Anyway, I loved the time to get away, relax, be pampered and feel good. I loved it so much that the following Christmas, Rand surprised me with another gift certificate big enough to get two massages. Since then, I've had several massages and even though I don't fit them into my schedule often enough, I really do love that time of rejuvenation.

Last night I had the privilege of attending an evening of relaxation at Massage Envy. I learned more about the services they offer--everything from facials to deep muscles massages. I was especially thrilled to receive the specialty Sugar Foot Scrub.

As many of you already know my feet have been swollen ever since Lilly was born. She's turning eight this summer so it's been awhile. I've been to podiatrists and physical therapists and to the lymphatic clinic at the Huntsman Cancer Center. I've had them wrapped and I often wear compression socks. Often my legs swell too. Molly tells me I have plastic legs. Lymphedema is not comfortable or lovely.

Last night, after the foot massage and scrub, my feet felt better than they have in years. They weren't as swollen and the skin was soft. My feet felt amazing. They are swollen again today, so it's probably not a cure but I am definitely going back to get that treatment again.

The Massage Envy clinic was clean and comfortable and very relaxing. I was impressed by their staff and their desire to serve and help their customers. I've been to other locations in the past and always had a good experience. I can't wait to schedule a facial and my next massage.

Mother's Day is just a little over a week away. It's time to start dropping hints. Or just treat yourself to a massage. It's worth it. And get your mom one too. #ReliefStartsRightHere #MassageEnvyUtah

Massage Envy has locations all over the state of Utah and all over the country. There is surely a location near you. 

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