Monday, September 22, 2014

KSL Fall Preview for Bloggers

Usually, I just go on and on about books around here, as you know. 
But let's talk television for just a bit
Last week another blogger friend (Jen from Utah Queen of Chaos) and I went to the Fall Preview at KSL. 
It sounded like an awesome chance to get away from the craziness for an evening and have some adult conversation. To make it even better, there was a delicious spread of appetizers. 

I'm not really a television watcher. Utah Dad and I have a handful (literally less than five) shows that we binge watch. Lately, as a family we've been watching the first three seasons of Little House on the Prairie. 
I know. Really. Fortunately, it's an NBC show. 

While I may not watch many shows, I am an avid news watcher and I faithfully watch the KSL team every evening. I follow them all on Twitter. As a weather fan, I've had a crush on a Eubank since I was a little girl. Deanie Wimmer and I share a love for books. So, I was pretty excited to meet the news team at the soiree. 

Temperatures are going back up for the week.

Brooke Walker from Studio 5 is so personable and just lovely. 
Jen and I enjoyed hanging out with her much of the evening.

During the evening, we got a tour of the Studio 5 set, the newsroom and the radio.
  Ethan and Alex from the Nightside Project on KSLradio invited us in during their live show. They had some strong opinions about the movies coming out lately. 

They also filled us in on some of the new fall programming from NBC.  
Marry Me and A to Z are fun and fresh romantic comedies. We watched the pilot for A to Z. Andrew and Zelda are pretty adorable characters with a supporting cast of goofballs. The show has potential.

The new show that intrigues me to the most is The Mysteries of Laura starring the stunning Debra Messing.
Laura is a smart detective and a mom to naughty twins. She appears to be a strong, female character and I'm anxious to watch.

To top off our fun evening, I won the trip to see The Voice!!! Exciting, right?
Anyone want to tell me what The Voice is?


mandy said...

i watched the pilot for a-z a few weeks ago and i really liked it.

penguin0802 said...

The Voice is a singing reality show. It stars Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and it had Usher on it last year, but they changed it out. Judges are turned around so they can't see who is singing. If they like what they hear, they can turn around. If no judges turn around, the contestant is eliminated.

Booklogged said...

What a fun evening and congratulations on winning. We watch The Voice and I think you'll enjoy being in the audience. Where is the show taped? When do you go?

Julie said...

If you don't want to go to LA I will gladly take it off of your hands. :)