Friday, April 25, 2014

The Living Planet Aquarium - Out and About in Utah

Like many of you, (A LOT of you, judging by the lines) we spent one day during Spring Break at 
that recently opened it's new doors in Draper, Utah.

First thing we learned : buy your tickets online. 
You can avoid waiting in the lines. The line wasn't terribly long when we arrived and moved quickly.
However, by the time we finished our visit the line stretched outside the building 
and around to the parking lot.

Second thing we learned : Thomas has a fear of heights.
The Journey to South America exhibit features
a really cool and very safe rope bridge.
Even though there was absolutely no chance of falling, Thomas was not the greatest fan of crossing so high.
I was glad he conquered his fear and participated with his sisters.

Third Thing we Learned : Penguins' poop looks just like bird poop
(penguins are birds, after all).

The kids loved the Penguin Exhibit. We could have stood and watched the penguins waddle on the rocks and swim gracefully through the water for hours. If it hadn't been so crowded, we might have. The design of the exhibit allows the penguins to be observed both above and below the water. It's really very cool and the kids were absolutely fascinated by the penguins who genuinely seemed to enjoy the attention.

Fourth thing we learned : Molly has a longer attention span
 than her siblings.

While the other kids ran from exhibit to exhibit to look at the various fish, jelly fish and other aquatic life, Molly was content to sit and stare at one species for awhile. The other kids were constantly leaving her behind. There was a lot to see at the aquarium and Molly was determined to see it all, at her own pace.

Fifth Thing we Learned : The Living Planet Aquarium is
 not yet complete.

There are many empty tanks bearing a sign letting the visitor know that the animal has not yet moved in.
However, there is already a lot to see and more creatures are moving in all the time and some say it should be finished by early summer.

As a mother, I do not love that to exit the Aquarium you must go through the gift shop. 

Sixth Thing we Learned : We Will Go Back to Visit Soon

Hopefully, we can visit the Living Planet Aquarium again on a day when it is not so crowded. The kids had a great time seeing the sharks, trying to touch the manta rays in the Touch Pool, and laughing at the antics of the penguins. They're anxious to do it again.

We didn't get to fully enjoy the river otters or anything else in The Discover Utah area because of the crowds. We will definitely check that out again.

**This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are my own. No compensation was received.**

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