Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Austenland is Available on DVD today!

Oh, hey! 
Guess what movie is out on DVD/Blue Ray today!?

My friends and I went to see it in the theater and we giggled through the entire movie. So cute. So funny. The characters are endearing and delightful. I was a fan of the book by Shannon Hales and I really thought the movie did justice to her quirky and fun sense of humor.

If the movie didn't premier in a theater near you, now is your chance to watch the movie at home. I can't wait to watch it with Utah Dad. I think he'll appreciate the whimsy and wit in this thoroughly fun movie.


PJ & SANDRA said...

I've been wondering if this was good. Can't wait to see it now!!! -Sandra

Mumsy: said...

At the beginning I thought this wasn't going to be so good but at one point I found myself laughing hysterically. At the end I thought for a moment and decided I wanted to watch it again! It ended up being a really funny movie!

BTW just found your blog and it looks fun to read.
-Natashia from themumsyblog.blogspot.com