Tuesday, November 19, 2013

After Her - Book Review

Rachel is thirteen years old the summer a serial killer begins killing young women on the mountain behind Rachel's home. Rachel's father is the lead detective in charge of solving the case and Rachel's social life improves as her classmates clamor for details from the case.

As more and more women are murdered and Rachel's father gets frustrated with his inability to find the murderer, Rachel decides to help. Combining her overactive imagination and her psychic gift, Rachel becomes obsessed with finding the Sunset Strangler.

While it is a murder mystery, After Her by Joyce Maynard is a coming-of-age story at its heart. Rachel is struggling with all the confusion of being a thirteen year old girl. The details of the murders so close to home and her own connection to the case, combine with her natural curiosity regarding sex, growing up and relationships. Because of all that is going on in her head, Rachel is very compelling narrator.

After Her is not your typical fast-paced, heart-pounding murder mystery. It's more subtle. The characters and their relationships take center stage with just an undercurrent of intrigue and danger. There are times when the teenage angst is too much and the story lags a little. The ending feels a bit off kilter. However, overall I really enjoyed After Her by Joyce Maynard.

After Her by Joyce Maynard was published by William Morrow in August 2013.

**I received a complimentary copy of After Her in exchange for my honest review. No additional compensation was give and all opinions are my own.**

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