Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Lilly and Molly have been obsessed with My Little Ponies for months now. In fact, during the summer, all of the kids were a little bit addicted to the show. I have been forced to sit through one episode. That's enough for me. 

For months, the girls have been planning to be Princess Celestia and Princess Luna for Halloween. I tried by non-crafty best to create their costumes. The girls were happy, so I was happy.

Last Saturday, we got together with lots of my family to celebrate Halloween and show off our costumes. My nieces and nephews are so cute but no one really loves posing for pictures. Obviously.

 Amberly couldn't decide what to be for Halloween. At the very last minute, she asked me to paint her face. We still don't know what she is--other than "cute".

After dressing up for the ward Halloween party last night and for school today, the kid's costumes looked a little bit hammered. The weather was perfect for trick-r-treating tonight. Chilly but not too freezing and there wasn't any rain. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset to the west and rainbow in the eastern sky. We visited with our friends and neighbors as the kids ran excitedly from house to house gathering candy.

Amberly was a deliciously wicked Black Widow Spider.

Lilly is just so darling. I pretty much want to eat her up all the time. (Their unicorn horns/crowns made running through the neighborhood tricky. So I had to carry them.)

Always extra creative, Thomas was an injured (my version) or dead (his version) basket ball player. Last year he was a dead soccer player. I'm not going to argue with him.

The sling on her not-broken-but-being-conservatively-treated-by-the-doctors arm really fit in with Molly's costume this year. Molly loved being Luna. A couple of days ago, I casually suggested that she dress up as something different. Incensed, she shouted "I want to be Lilly's sister for Halloween!" Molly adores her sister and it was perfect for the two of them to dress as the sister ponies/alicorns.

Neal (still out roaming the neighborhood with his pack of friends) was not cooperative when I tried to take a pictures of his ghouly face.

Our friends (Perry's #1 fan and the local Cub Scout Wolf Leader) joined us for trick-r-treating.

And Amberly met up with her BFF--Wonder Woman--the most underrated super hero ever. She had an invisible plane--how cool is that?

Really hoping you all had a Happy Halloween!

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