Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I love my nieces and I've been blessed with A LOT of them. 
When I married Utah Dad, I became an instant aunt to 
13 nieces (2 more since our marriage)
Most of them are all grown up now with babies of their own.
In the past ten years my own family has been busy having babies. For awhile it seemed I would mostly have nephews but the last few years have 
blessed us with many nieces and I now have 10.

My youngest sister had her second baby girl last week. 

My sister Angie and I took our little kids and drove to Vernal together Sunday evening so that we could love on the new baby. She is so darling and much much tinier than any of my babies.

Yesterday morning we had a quick photo shoot with my sister Kim's little girls. Izzy turned one year a few weeks ago and baby Zenna attempted to cooperate with us. They are both so darling. Here are some of the shots.


vivian said...

they are adorable!

anna said...

Yes but who is your favorite niece? ;)

Anita said...

They are beautiful, and you did a wonderful job capturing the images too :)

Love Life and Learning said...

Beautiful photos....love family: sisters, aunts, cousins---what a fun weekend adventure. Making the best memories together.