Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Salt Lake Bees - Out and About in Utah

Tonight, the kids and I got to join other fellow Utah bloggers and their families at a
Salt Lake Bees (Utah's Triple-A Baseball team) game. 
Utah Dad had a work meeting this evening and couldn't attend so his dad came with us.

Today was really hot but fortunately our seats were in the shade and it was quite pleasant. 
We actually had really awesome seats with a fabulous view. 
We arrived early, got some dinner/snacks at the concessions and settled in to wait for the game to begin.

I was rather enjoying watching the baseball game. 
The Bees played the Las Vegas 51s and unfortunately trailed most of the game, ultimately losing 8 to 5.
 The Bees made some good hits though. 
Utah Dad always gives me a hard time for not loving baseball as much as he does.
It's patriotic. It's America's game. It's too bad he couldn't join us tonight.
But I was enjoying myself. Really.

My kids were interested in other things besides the game.
The watched the Bees' Mascot.
They wanted snow cones and cotton candy.
They were hot and wiggly.
They needed to go the restroom (which was pretty clean).

The kids LOVED riding on the Bumble Express.
It's free for kids under 12 and it runs along the back of the berm.

After their ride on the Bumble Express train, we spread out a blanket and sat on the berm. It was getting dark by then and cooler on the ground. I could still enjoy the ball game.

And the kids enjoyed, well, being kids. *Sigh*


Anita said...

Great all American night!! Thanks for sharing :)

Mom of 12 said...

We saw a Bees game in May. Love a good baseball game!