Saturday, June 8, 2013

Queen's Gambit - Book Review

I am absolutely fascinated by all things from the Tudor and Elizabethan era and I'm so grateful that so many authors are feeding my hunger. Elizabeth Fremantle's new novel Queen's Gambit is my latest read and one that I enjoyed very much.

Katherine Parr, widowed twice, caught King Henry VIII's eye at court. Wishing to marry the man she loved, Thomas Seymour, Katherine did little to encourage the aged king's advances. However, when the king, powerful and formidable, wishes it there is little one can do to persuade him otherwise. Katherine Parr becomes the sixth queen of King Henry VIII. Playing the tricky game of court intrigue, Katherine succeeds at saving her own head and bringing honor to her family, in spite of those lecherous people around the king that only seek her demise.

In Queen's Gambit, Katherine Parr is a strong, willful yet careful woman who seeks for reformation and to unite the king's fractured family. Loving his children, Mary, Elizabeth and Edward, from three former wives, Katherine treats them as her own. All the while, longing for true love. She is a queen worth rooting for.

Fremantle brings Katherine's world to life with her detailed and comfortable writing and attention to story telling. Her characters, though historical, are imagined into life and become real breathing beings. There is romance and intrigue and Queen's Gambit is a completely engaging and enjoyable read.

Published by Simon and Schuster and will release on August 6th.

**I received a complimentary copy of Queen's Gambit in exchange for an honest review.**

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