Thursday, May 2, 2013

FHE at Temple Square

A few weeks ago at the adult session of our Stake Conference, a member of the Stake Presidency spoke about taking our children to the temple grounds. Letting them touch the temple and feel the spirit. We already do this fairly regularly but his words touched us and as a family we decided to see just how many temples grounds we can go to this summer.

Monday afternoon, we were talking about what we should do for Family Home Evening. It was a beautiful day and we were itching to get outside. We decided to go to temple square in Salt Lake City because we knew the flowers would be in full bloom and we could kick off our "mission".

Temple Square in Salt Lake City is a special place for our family. When our children were small and we lived closer to Salt Lake we went there even more often. In fact, the first thing almost-two-year-old Neal whispered to his newborn sister Amberly was "purple pansies on temple square". Clearly, it was already an important place for him.

This Monday, the weather was perfect. The flowers were perfect. The cherry trees were in blossom and were absolutely intoxicating. The square wasn't crowded and the kids were well behaved. I got to use my new camera and the kids were willing to pose (even though some of them are really struggling with sharing their natural smiles with the camera). The following pictures are straight out of the camera--no Photoshop.

 Molly called these "upside down trees".


Rheanna said...

Your pictures came out beautifully!!!! We had the same thought after stake conference!!! Our kids are super excited to see them all :) We're even gonna throw in the Denver temple this summer!

Brimhalls said...

Gorgeous! Your kids are getting so big! As always, I love your photography. :)

Ashley Walker said...

Love all your pictures! We went a few weeks ago and I ended up with almost the same picture as that last one of the temple in your post. What a great idea to take your kids to as many temples as possible.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love Temple Square in the spring! Great photos.