Thursday, April 18, 2013

Photo Bomb of Our Spring

I just realized that the only thing I've kept up on the blog lately is the reviews for books I've read lately. This should not be an indication that the only thing I've been doing lately is laying around in my pajamas reading books (I really wish). So, here's just a little photo bomb, if you will, of our lives lately.

All pictures here were taken with my iPhone because my camera hasn't been functioning well. I got my new camera late last week, so I'm very excited about that.

Amberly participated in our ward's first (and possibly only) Activity Days Powder Puff Pinewood Derby.

Our neighbor Kathryn recreated this pig cake for Molly's 4th birthday and her sister Jessica's 16th birthday. We celebrated their shared birthday together with dinner and cake.

Molly's Primary teachers surprised her with a balloon and her favorite candy. She was beyond thrilled.

Molly started preschool. One of her field trips was to Home Depot where she got to build a bulletin board. She also had a fun Easter party at school. When she got home she announced: "Daddy! I have a bowl with eggs and belly jeans!"

Lilly, Molly and I went to the park on one of the few warm days. Lilly has been sick so much lately. She's missed school because of a cold, influenza and later an ear infection. She's still so sweet though.

We went to my parents' home in Vernal for Easter weekend. My grandma was also there (isn't she so cute? Can you believe she's almost 89?!). She's a great sport and we all love spending time with her. We had a great Easter Egg hunt and all my parents' 23 grandchildren were there, though they didn't all get in the picture. Fortunately, we had absolutely beautiful weather so that we could spend most of the weekend outside. I got a little sunburn, of course.

My brothers got creative hiding the eggs.

The guys built a sandbox under the tree house. The kids were happy and dirty.

All the kids took turns riding Cookie, their favorite horse. Cookie was born on Easter weekend when I was just a girl and is very old now. We took lots of photos since this may be their last time seeing Cookie. Honestly, it was a little distressing. She was my favorite horse. The horse I "claimed" as my own. She was the foal of my dad's favorite horse Ginger and it was that much more distressing to see my dad so sad. We get a little attached to our horses.

And we ate of course. We had an awesome crowd for dinner on Saturday. All six of my siblings, their spouses and our 23 kids were there with my parents and my grandmother. I love a full house.

Lilly was not feeling well at all (turns out that she had an ear infection) so she didn't get to go to church on Easter Sunday. But the rest of the kids got dressed up in their new clothes and we headed to church with my parents.

The horses are still looking scraggly after a long, hard winter. Amberly was excited to help grandma brush them out.

During Spring Break, we spent an evening enjoying the beautiful grounds at Temple Square.

We went to Utah Dad's parents' home for LDS General Conference. As is tradition, Utah Dad joined his dad, brothers and nephews for the Priesthood session. We all really enjoyed conference again this year.

Once the kids went back to school after Spring Break, Utah Dad and I got busy on our bedroom remodel. We ripped out the carpet and tore out the base boards and molding around the doors and windows.

Then we painted the walls gray. Technically the color is called "Shaken Not Stirred" which makes Utah Dad ridiculously happy.

It took us another day to lay the new laminate flooring and put new baseboards and molding around the doors and windows.

We're still deciding what to put on the walls, since I have decided that 17 years with George Washington hanging over my bed is enough.

Amberly was honored this week as Student of the Month. Yesterday was also her 10th birthday. She's growing up so crazy fast. Just love her.

So there you have it, just a little proof (even though I'm not in the pictures) that I've gotten dressed lately. Hope everyone else is having a great Spring.


Jennifer Davis said...

Haha I've been thinking of doing a wall gray, I may also get that color based on the name. We are big Bond fans!

Ashley Walker said...

I LOVE grey walls! If we ever get around to painting we will probably do grey as the main color.

Ashley Walker said...

I LOVE grey walls! If we ever get around to painting we will probably do grey as the main color.

Mom of 12 said...

Sounds like you have been so busy! So fun to spend all that time with your family. I love that your brothers all get along and can do projects and be together. Great work on the bedroom!