Monday, April 23, 2012


First it was the owls earlier this winter. Their hoots woke us many mornings as the parent Great Horned Owls taught their offspring how to fly and hunt from the roof of my house and our neighbors' houses.

Then a month ago we started hearing the strangled and angry cry of what we initially believed to be a bird (though what kind of bird, we had no idea) each evening around 10 pm. We have still been unable to identify it and we even wondered if it wasn't some very disturbed dog. We're still working to track down the culprit.

We forgot to set the alarm. Fortunately, yesterday morning we were awoken by the caws of the local gang of crows that have taken over the neighborhood. They got us up in time for church and for that we are grateful. However, I am a bit disturbed each evening as they dive bomb my house and are constant with their screeching caws.

But the ultimate in recent bird attacks. While at Disneyland for Spring Break, I was hit in the head by not one but two different birds on two separate occasions. Actually the birds ran right into my head!

I can only say that I feel much like Elaine. The birds ran into my giant head.


anna said...

I thought of Elaine immediately. "a leetle lower. A leetle lower.".

Are you sure this is a post about birds and you are not being symbolic? Because my kids wake me up every morning and kind of sound like crows :)

I want to see pics from Disneyland!

My Name is JACY said...

Stumbled onto your blog! It's lovely! Beautiful family :)