Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Cool Mummy

Getting back into the school groove has been harder for us this week than I expected. After weeks of playing hard and celebrating, I have been so exhausted.

Yesterday morning as I was sending the kids out the door to school and contemplating going back to bed, Neal reminded me that it was the day for the body wrapping project and a parent was required to be able to participate. I needed to be at the school by 9:30.

What?! I received a note about it but that was back in December. The body wrapping project was in January. Could I really be expected to remember? Couldn't my child remind me the night before instead of the second he walked out the door? At the same time, Utah Dad reminded me that he had to do a presentation at work and would be no help. I panicked. Neal panicked. I shoved him out the door and promised that I would figure something out.

I called a good friend who agreed to watch the little girls and I jumped into the shower. My bed had never looked so inviting.

I walked into Neal's classroom just two minutes late and I caught that brief look on his face of extreme relief as he had surely been worried that I wouldn't actually make it to school. (I know that look. I remember that feeling as I waited for my own mother to arrive at the school.)

And then we got busy turning the sixth graders into mummies (they are studying ancient Egypt). By using clear packing tape and wrapping their body parts they were able to create a pretty cool shell of their bodies.

We get to finish his head at home. I'm guessing the school didn't want to be held liable if we accidentally suffocated our child with tape (disclaimer: we won't actually put tape over their mouths and noses).

Pretty cool though.

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