Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bling - Lia Sophia Style

The invitation said "Casual Elegant Attire". What the heck does that mean? Doesn't that seem like an oxymoron? I can do casual. I live casual. Elegance not so much. I googled it. I got pictures of Michelle Obama in sweater sets, skirts and pearls. She looked great. The information on explained that a little black dress would be perfect for a casual elegant event in the evening. Floor length gowns would not be necessary. Whew.

It's so easy for a man. They shave. They put on a suit. A blue shirt. A tie. A little gray in the hair. Or a lot of gray. Distinguished. Handsome.

What in the world would I wear? I could pull out my trusty black skirt and wipe off the spit up stain (I thought it was clean, apparently not) and my new blouse from DownEast (I told you I love them). But I have no jewelry. None. Nada. I was going to need some jewelry and I currently have no budget for jewelry. None. Nada.

My friends joked that I should call our friend Marie who recently because a consultant for Lia Sophia. We all love Marie (she has SO SO SO much style and is positively hilarious) and we all love the jewelry and so there has been a Lia Sophia party in my neighborhood every week this month.

It seemed like a crazy idea to call Marie. At first. And then as the time got closer to the dinner/fund raiser/dance it seemed to make a little more sense. I finally got brave and sent off an email message. Marie, who is seriously so awesome, told me to come on over so that she could bling me out (Utah Dad had NO idea what that meant -- he gets it a little better now).

I made Utah Dad take pictures before we left. He is so not a photographer (this picture required major cropping and of course I did A LOT of photoshop) and he didn't capture the amazing bracelet and the huge ring that at first I was freaked out by but loved by the end of the evening (which I will tell you about tomorrow). I am so glad I wore jewelry. Something else I need to save up for. **Sigh.**

So, come back to read about this casual elegant event and while you're at it check out my friend Marie "The Jewelry Lady" (become her friend on Facebook) and the always beautiful Lia Sophia jewelry. Oh, and you'll all have to come to the party that I promised Marie I would throw (sometime in January).

And by the way, Marie is sponsoring a Lia Sophia give-away on a blog I love : Random Thoughts From the Zoo. You don't want to miss that.


Kerri said...

You look AWESOME!

Stine said...

You are beautiful!

Rheanna said...

You look fantastic! Love the "casual elegant"....that's a new dress code for me, thanks for clarifying it:o)

Marie said...

Yay!! You looked so pretty! So sad he didn't get the bracelet in the shot though! It went so well with the outfit! I'm glad you agreed to go for the ring! I <3 that ring and the cocktail ring is so in right now! I was thinking the pearl neklace at first, but you called it with the Escapade. It was perfect with the outfit and such simple elegance! I'm glad you were brave and asked me! You looked beautiful!