Thursday, November 6, 2008

Online Geography Games

We love Geography at our house. There is a huge world map hanging on the wall next to my seven year old son's bed and he requested a globe for his third birthday. My other children have also enjoyed learning about our world and we spend many hours reading the many atlases in our home. My husband even takes his very own atlas into the bathroom with him.

So, we were excited to find the fun and educational geography games on the National Geographic Kids Website. The GeoBee Challenge has a daily ten question geography quiz that includes questions used in the Geography Bee. There are other fun games as well.

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Jenn-Lee said...

Oh my goodness am I ever so thankful you posted that! I love a good website for our homeschooling and I didn't know about this one. I'd like to say we are obsessed with geography too but I think its just me and my family hasn't caught on yet. I can't wait to try it out with my oldest! Thanks !!!